Comparing and contrasting priests to lamas and catholic nuns to buddhist nuns

Catholics belong to Churches known as parishes. These places are where Catholics can go and worship no matter where they are in the world. Like in Tibet, girls in Nepal are viewed as a valuable source of labor to their families and are often married by the age of puberty. She is a certified teacher in Cultivating Emotional Balance CEBa college lecturer in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and a hospital chaplain with a focus on assisting the dying.

Though progress has been made over the years and women have been allowed to pursue a life of monastic discipline and restraint, differences still exist between the treatment of Buddhist monks and nuns. They cherish all living things. As a follow-up to my previous post of AugustI can now report that 20 nuns have successfully passed all of their examinations and studies to become Geshemas.

Where Thai society has blatant ingrained sexism within it, Buddhism levels the playing field. Many maechi are forced to live in male dominated temples and be subservient to the monks who live there. I met two other neighborhood girls who were dressed in street clothing.

The Buddhist outsmarted the rest of the crowd by being the individual. After approximately ten years of study, the students have the equivalent of a high school degree and may then choose to go forward with their monastic education or enter other institutions. Staffan Scherz CC-2 This life of restraint and simplicity often reflects a disgust of the materialistic world and a desire for a holy life with the goal of eventually, through several lifetimes, reaching nirvana and escaping the suffering of samsara.

Buddhists must conquer the mind before they could ever reach nirvana. It is a religion without any written rules. They only believe that the ideas of the first Buddha would lead them to nirvana.

She is one of the very few fully trained female Rinpoches "precious masters" in the Tibetan tradition. Though their presence has grown in recent years and society has become more aware of them, they are still struggling to achieve equality and the advantages offered to monks.

In Thai society, the few opportunities open to women involve serving or working for men.

10 Tibetan Buddhist Women You Need to Know

This relates back to the sexism and gender issues of Thai society. The studies at the nunnery include math, science, and English, Nepali, and Tibetan languages, as well as meditation, debate, ritual arts, and chanting, the same education that the monks receive at the monastery.

Chagdud Khadro is the title her late husband, Chagdud Rinpochegave to Jane Dedman after several years of marriage. Chodron comments, unfazed, "Curiously, while women's issues are at the forefront of discussion in Western Buddhism, once a woman becomes a monastic, she is seen as 'conservative and traditional.

The whole season is very important to Catholics, especially. However, it is hard to hold this comparison against Maechi Wabi and in favor of Siddhartha Gautama since her account is one of an actual individual. Why did he live this way? They do not believe in god.

He is also guaranteed a position in an established hierarchy of monks. Though the question of equality between the two religions gender groups has often been addressed with the monks clearly emerging as the better treated, a gap still exists today between the two.

When asked how she got into Buddhism, she always says half-jokingly: The women featured here are the exception.Benedictines and Franciscans are examples of diverse religious traditions in the Church that are generally called religious orders or religious communities.

What is the difference between a Franciscan monk and a Benedictine monk? Update Cancel. ad by Honey It was the Franciscans who originated the idea of the 14 stations of the cross. Compare (and contrast!) leadership roles for women in the Roman Catholic and Buddhist faiths Buddhism: monasteries, bikkihunnis, equality/leadership Catholic: monasteries, Beguines, anchoresses, nuns, some equality/education.

Religion and drugs

Mar 20,  · "Dakini Power" describes her own transformation from the Catholic Ordained inshe quickly realized that conditions for Tibetan Buddhist nuns were dire. 10 Tibetan Buddhist. The Roman Catholic Church requires celibacy of all clergy; celibacy is also mandated for religious and monastics (monks and nuns).

The Eastern Orthodox Church requires bishops to be celibate but allows married men to become priests (they cannot marry once ordained).

Buddhist monks and nuns choose to. What Is the Difference Between a Friar, a Monk and a Priest? A priest in the Catholic Church is a man who has received the sacrament of Holy Orders and has therefore undertaken the duties. Compare and contrast Buddhist and Catholic nuns. ESSAY- COMPARING AND CONTRASTING PRIEST WITH LAMAS AND CATHOLIC NUNS AND BUDDHIST NUNSThe Catholic and Buddhist religion s have important people within.

Comparing and contrasting priests to lamas and catholic nuns to buddhist nuns
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