Compare and contrast of hector and

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Achilles treated the body of Hector with contumely. Helen's abduction caused an invasion of Athens by Castor and Pollux, who captured Aethra in revenge, and returned their sister to Sparta.

The rest kept on till the wrath of God came on them to the uttermost. Artists of the s and s were influenced by Guido delle Colonne 's Historia destructionis Troiaewhere Helen's abduction was portrayed as a scene of seduction.

He was the son of the goddess Thetis and Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons.

Christ myth theory

Etymology[ edit ] The etymology of Helen's name continues to be a problem for scholars. That was the reason why Hector lost, but he wanted to?

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Option B: Compare and contrast the characters of Hector and Achilles. I choose to compare and contrast the characters of Hector and Achilles because I am interested in their story. I think there are many theme in this story, but the central theme is the fate of men; if it is fixed or changed by.

Essay on A Comparison of Achilles and Hector - In Homer’s epic, the Iliad, the legendary, has no two characters that are so similar yet so different as Greek warrior, Achilles, and the Prince of Troy, Hector.

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Compare and Contrast of Hector and Achilles

If AI's underlying concept is that thinking is a computational process. Hector used the god’s help, boosted his army’s courage, and showed overconfidence throughout the epic, which lead him to winning fortunes of fame. In conclusion, the two war heroes, Achilles and Hector, fought for different sides but still had outstanding similarities shown through Rouse’s translated version of Homer’s The Iliad.

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Compare and contrast of hector and
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